Mental Health Tips and Journeys

mental health tips and journeys

My colleagues and team members are passionate about mental health. I’m happy to share some of their reflections and tips, based on their own experience. I’ll add more as they come.  

Marc:  “Regular and consistent journaling, combined with gratitude, can make the world of difference in building positive attitude and resilient mindset.”

Lori shared her own family’s experience: “Find just one person you trust, and talk about it. Then, find more. Once we started talking about it, we found we were not alone, there was a large community of people dealing with similar challenges, and the burden felt lighter when it was openly discussed.”

Angele shared: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are so many reasons we put off seeking help. The key is to ask for help, don’t be afraid, try different strategies until you find the one that works for you! Don’t be embarrassed, you are worth it!”

Alex shares how the forest has become a key part of her everyday mental health: “I’m lucky to live in the forest. Hiking familiar trails over and over fosters mindfulness, bringing me down to the level of each step, each rock, each bridge. It grounds me in the now while connecting me to something bigger than myself.”

I hope you will add activities and habits to your life that help you feel mentally well. You may want to read this post on gut health (leads to healthier brains) and/or this on how having pets can improve mental health.

This blog includes posts that look at the state of our mental healthcare system and ways we can create sustainable change to improve quality and outcomes for anyone impacted by mental illness. 

stabilizing healthcare crisis, podcasts on mental health, dr. alika fontaine on healthcare

Tackling the Healthcare Crisis: Stabilize to Scale

“I think one of the challenges that mental health has always had is that it was pushed out of view. We always knew there was a crisis in mental health.” Dr. Alika Fontaine shares his ideas to stabilize the system and move things forward.

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workplace mental health, peer support in corporations, occupational stress disorder

Workplace Mental Health: How Experience Fuels Change

Some experiences are so profound they leave a lasting mark, shaping who we are and who we become. Our workplaces are the beneficiary of Stéphane’s experience in Rwanda and what happened after. His ideas on transforming workplace mental healthcare. Which of the 3 buckets of workplace mental health programs does your organization belong in?

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