Whether speaking to a live audience or taking part in a video seminar or podcast, Diane is an entertaining and very well-informed speaker on mental health. She delivers clear, straight, and informative content shining light on little or misunderstood topics in mental health. 

Dr. Diane McIntosh interview on Global News BC February 4, 2024

World Cancer Day and mental health

World Cancer Day is Feb. 4, and the Canadian Cancer Society estimates hundreds of thousands of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Diane McIntosh is a psychiatrist who speaks with Jennifer Palma of Global News BC about the drain cancer can be on a patient’s mental health, and how to process it.

Dr. Diane McIntosh presents at Benefits Canada November 2023 Mental Health Summit

Lifting the Burden of Mental Illness: Marrying Science and Technology for Better Outcomes

Thank you to Benefits Canada for allowing us to share Diane’s presentation. Talk covers mental health system challenges, provides scientific explanations that underpin the urgent action need for treating mental illness, and provides solution for evidence-based diagnostic tool to help practitioners with diagnosis and also step-by-step treatment guidance for patient and clinician. 30 minutes. 

Dr. Diane McIntosh interview on Global News BC November 2023

New report highlights gaps in drug coverage for mental health

There are major gaps in drugs covered for people suffering from mental illness, and a new report suggests there’s room for both federal and provincial governments to act quickly.

Dr. Diane McIntosh talks to Jennifer Palma about how this issue is hampering people who need mental health treatment.

Dr. Diane McIntosh - Conference Speaker

Diane has presented at many conferences and workshops. Here are some recent highlights. You can also get more information on the Speaker page.  

2023 Healthcare Summit: Mental Healthcare Systems Must Embrace Technology.

A Psychiatrist's Perspective: Our Mental Healthcare System Must Urgently Embrace Technology

2023 Healthcare Summit Panel

Dr. Diane McIntosh, Chenny Xia, others in panel on Mental Healthcare at 2023 Healthcare Summit

Guest Speaker – Podcasts

Diane has been a guest on many podcasts, in addition to doing two podcast series of her own – WickedMind and Blindsided

Here are some highlights:


Diane has been a frequent guest on TELUS Talks, a video/podcast with Tamara Taggart. From health and wellness, to community and social responsibility, the TELUS Talks podcast shares stories, busts myths and delivers practical tips to Canadians.

In 2023 and 2024, Diane participated in the Your Brain mini series as part of TELUS Talks. 

TELUS Talks Tamara Taggart and Dr Diane McIntosh discussing schizophrenia stigma

Breaking down schizophrenia stigma

Schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood mental disorders. With plenty of misinformation and stigma, it’s important to have a grasp of schizophrenia and its impacts on people’s lives. Dr. Diane McIntosh joins us to explain the difference between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, explore the spectrum of symptoms and treatment approaches, and advocate for empathy and support for individuals living with schizophrenia and their loved ones.
Dr Diane on TELUS Talks - How to feel less lonely, Dr. Diane McIntosh video appearances, Dr. Diane McIntosh TelusTalks

How to feel less lonely

Loneliness rates are increasing steadily across the globe, in what experts are calling the loneliness epidemic. With social media on the rise, face-to-face interactions have become less common. Dr. Diane McIntosh discusses how we can better prepare for this epidemic, how loneliness can impact our health and the value of strong social connections. March 2024.

Screenshot from episode Dr. Diane McIntosh and Tamara Taggart on TELUS Talks -Good sleep could change everything

Good sleep could change everything

Dr. Diane McIntosh thinks you should take a hard look at your sleeping habits. In the new installment of Your Brain, we dive into the profound impact of sleep on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. We discuss cultivating healthy sleep habits, fighting off insomnia and optimizing the quality of our rest.

How gender affects mental health

Throughout her career, Dr. Diane McIntosh has seen the profound impact that gender roles have on both women’s and men’s mental health. She says the stigma surrounding vulnerability often discourages men from reaching out for help. In a new episode of Your Brain, Diane shares the importance of embracing vulnerability, seeking help and fostering supportive communities for your well-being.

Your brain and emotional trauma

What secrets do the brain hold? It’s the most complex part of the human body and it can sometimes be difficult to understand our own thoughts and feelings. That’s why TELUS Talks with Tamara Taggart is launching a new miniseries called Your Brain. As a highly respected psychiatrist, author and member of the TELUS team, Diane shares her knowledge of emotional trauma, PTSD and how to begin healing from traumatic events.

More TELUS Talks episodes

Are you burnt out?

We welcome back Psychiatrist and TELUS Chief Neuroscience Officer, Dr. Diane McIntosh, to help us explore the complicated world of burnout. Dr. McIntosh speaks openly about her personal experience with burnout and shares how we can identify and then break out of a harmful cycle.

Elite athletes and mental health

As the World Juniors approaches, the mental well-being of elite athletes is in the spotlight. In this episode, Corey Hirsch, Olympic Silver Medalist and former NHL goalie, tells his mental illness story, and joins Dr. Diane McIntosh, psychiatrist, author and TELUS’ Chief Neuroscience Officer, for a spirited discussion with Tamara. Together, they highlight the courage and resilience of people who experience mental illness, offer ways to find support, and share how we can all prioritize our well-being.

Is this depression?

One of our favourite guests - Dr. Diane McIntosh - returns to answer the question: what is depression? Dr. McIntosh is a Psychiatrist, bestselling author and TELUS’ Chief Neuroscience Officer, and she says that even though depression and anxiety can show up in numerous ways, there are common symptoms to look for. She also debunks some of the myths around mental health.

Combatting vaccine fears

For many of us, the past year has been marked by a constant barrage of uncertainty, stress and fear -- and now, even with several different vaccines approved for use in Canada, some people are still feeling hesitant to get vaccinated. In this episode, returning guest Dr. Diane McIntosh, TELUS’ Chief Neuroscience Officer, breaks down the root of these fears, and what we can do to make the best decision for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Don’t wear other people’s problems

We’re months into this pandemic, and our mental health is being pushed to limits in new ways. It’s getting harder to stick with routines and behaviours that keep us stable, and tense conversations with friends, family members and strangers are making things worse. Psychiatrist and TELUS Chief Neuroscience Officer Dr. Diane McIntosh joins Tamara to share advice for keeping ourselves and our loved ones mentally healthy.

Your mental and physical well-being during COVID-19

On this first episode of TELUS Talks Health, Dr. Diane McIntosh, TELUS’ Chief Neuroscience Officer, gives practical advice on how Canadians can best manage their mental and physical well-being during the COVID-19 global pandemic. “A lack of understanding and factual information around COVID-19 and how to keep you and your community safe is fertilizer for fear,” she says. During this time of overwhelming information and increasing personal isolation, she discusses how you can keep yourself, your loved ones and your communities feeling safe and healthy through connection, self-care and compassion.

We will continue to add past speaking engagement videos and more to this page. You can also get more information on Diane’s speaker page.

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