Innovation in Healthcare: Painting a Picture of the Possible

innovation in healthcare, sue paish healthcare, tech and healthcare canada

Sue Paish, CEO changemaker in several health-related companies. Separate mental health and substance abuse. Improve access to coaching during pain management (vs. opioid-first-always). Change collective mindset among leaders. How to get things done.

Tackling the Healthcare Crisis: Stabilize to Scale

stabilizing healthcare crisis, podcasts on mental health, dr. alika fontaine on healthcare

“I think one of the challenges that mental health has always had is that it was pushed out of view. We always knew there was a crisis in mental health.” Dr. Alika Fontaine shares his ideas to stabilize the system and move things forward.

Workplace Mental Health: How Experience Fuels Change

workplace mental health, peer support in corporations, occupational stress disorder

Some experiences are so profound they leave a lasting mark, shaping who we are and who we become. Our workplaces are the beneficiary of Stéphane’s experience in Rwanda and what happened after. His ideas on transforming workplace mental healthcare. Which of the 3 buckets of workplace mental health programs does your organization belong in?

Mental Health Tips and Journeys

mental health tips and journeys

My colleagues and team members are passionate about mental health. I’m happy to share some of their reflections and tips, based on their own experience.

Accepting the mixed emotions of Mother’s Day

mixed emotions of mother's day, conflict with a parent

Mother’s Day can be a complex and emotionally-charged day for many. While it’s meant to celebrate motherhood, the reality is that sometimes there isn’t a “Hallmark card” that fits.

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